Diverse Populations Specialist - 100 hours

About the Program

Learning objectives

Choose one or more of these populations, and learn how to meet their specialized needs quickly and with impact. Learn key exercise sequences and interventions to restore optimal movement function and specific, targeted protocols for the best results.

Upon successful completion of all requirements

Every teacher who successfully completes all the requirements of the Diverse Populations Specialist Program will receive a certificate to reflect this mastery level of training.

Timeframe for program completion

3 years


Compulsory workshops

Additional compulsory workshops for Older Adults:

Choose 37 hours of electives for Older Adults:

Additional compulsory workshops for Athletes:

  • Mind-Body Exercise for Men (3 hours) *
  • Running Mechanics and Protocols (3 hours) *
  • Golf Mechanics and Protocols (3 hours) *
  • Swimming Mechanics and Protocols (3 hours) *

Choose 43 hours of electives for Athletes:

Additional compulsory workshops for Moms and Kids:

Choose 43 hours of electives for Moms and Kids: