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Functional Pilates, Therapeutic Exercise, and Teacher Training
in Montclair Village, Oakland.

Hand: Supervised Pilates Program

Smart, safe, biomechanically-focused.
Functional Pilates for every body.
Pain relief and injury prevention while building strength and flexibility using Pilates principles.

People: Integrative Approach

Expand your Healthcare Team with ReActive.
We collaborate with your Physicians, Therapists and Bodyworkers to return you to active living.

Body Harmonics Training with Mat and Equipment certification

BODY HARMONICS® Teacher Training offers comprehensive Pilates Certification, over 45 Continuing Education courses, and 3 Advanced Specialist programs. Click here for details and dates.

We guide and inspire our clients to achieve their individual goals with a friendly and empathetic approach.
Learn about Functional Pilates.
ReActive Blog
Jul 29 2015

The Global/Local Dynamic of Functional Movement

Functional Movements are defined as movements based on real world situational biomechanics. These Read More...
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May 01 2015

Keep your Feet on the Ground: The Key to staying Vertical.

Yesterday, a client came flying in to her session brimming with jubilation‎ as she declared "It's Read More...
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Apr 24 2015

Mobility vs Stability: The Building Blocks of Biomechanics

We go through life with little awareness of whether parts of our body are mobile or stable, until we Read More...